Take the Shuttl to your goals The portable workout to keep you motivated
Meet Shuttl

The perfect training

Info display

Clear instructions before, during and after your workout

Pace light

Fully guided exercise pace and rest periods


Download additional programs and create bespoke ones

Touch pad

For swift and effective use during exercise - just tap and run


Audio guidance and feedback throughout your workout

Fully portable

Battery operated with Bluetooth for indoor and outdoor uses

All knowing

Shuttl is designed to help you reach your fitness goals. The Patented design (No. 2588997) gives complete exercise guidance, ensuring time spent training is as productive as possible.

Whether you’re training at the gym or in the park, Shuttl advises you when to start, when to stop, and at what pace to train. It tells you when to rest, for how long, and even how fit you are.

Simply run between the two units and Shuttl does the rest.

Pace yourself

Energy expenditure is vital for getting the most from a workout.

Shuttl displays the correct pace during each exercise so you can maximise your workouts.

Both audio and visual guidance is given so even in a busy gym or with your headphones on you can still clearly see your goals

Take the Shuttl anywhere

Fully portable, the Shuttl is battery operated with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning training can take place inside or outdoors over a variety of track lengths.

It can be used individually, as a pair, or in a group, allowing for some healthy competition.

Reasons to choose Shuttl

Complete guidance

Pace guidance and feedback is given throughout your workout, making Shuttl the perfect training partner. From aerobic runs to sprint training, Shuttl has it all.

Ease of use

The capacitive touch sensor pad on the top of the Shuttl gives an easy intuitive area to interact with during exercise. Just tap and run.

Optimal rest time

The Shuttl gives timed breaks between selected runs via the pace light, so you’ll get just the right amount of rest between exercise, without having to watch the clock.

Maximum motivation

Ever experienced that surge of energy when the finish line is in sight? Shuttl provides a training platform where the finish line is always right there - guaranteeing motivation throughout your workout.

Get more from your run

Changes of pace and direction while performing shuttle runs mean more muscles are used than when running normally. Build sports agility and endurance with the Shuttl.

See the full picture

What you see in the mirror doesn’t always reflect a true picture of your progress. Tracking your fitness level can do wonders for your motivation, as it creates a full picture of your development. Shuttl gives an estimated VO2max after selected workouts, allowing you to see your progress.

see it in action Whether you’re a novice or an elite athlete,
Shuttl will help you get to where you need to be.

tech specs

Touch sensor pad for easy interaction during exercise

Simple to change workouts with easy-touch menu

18 different programs over 3 distances to keep workouts varied

Selectable distances for available space and exercise variety (10m,15m,20m)

Clear info display showing start, stop, rest, and level you’re working on. VO2max estimate after selected workouts

Pace light for correct pacing during exercise and rest periods. Pace guidance is given in both audio and visual formats

Fully portable and cable-free. Shuttl is battery operated with Bluetooth connectivity

Each pair can be split allowing you to train with a friend, multiple units can be used together for team events

WiFi enabled for additional programs to be downloaded

Suitable for full commercial or home use

What’s included: Shuttl units x2, Chargers x2

Dimensions (per unit) H 89.5cm, W 33.5cm, D 27.5cm

Weight (per unit) 22Ib

1 year full commercial warranty

Enjoyment, variety, results

Finding your true potential involves staying motivated. With Shuttl your enjoyment and motivation will be increased with this fun, challenging and interactive way of training.



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